Ever feel alone in a world evidently full of loving and supportive friends and family?
Ever feel lost in your own mind and body?
Ever stop and think that you have no purpose, no place, no destination and the realisation that you have no motivation to get wherever there is?

I am that lone wolf; wandering, lost.
No pack of my own, no recognised territory, no ….. whatever I need …
Where is it? ….
What is it?
…. is there an it?

The following articles are my musings on life’s challenges; my explorations and efforts to┬álearn from them

One thought on “About

  1. Know how you feel. I have written loads and loads of poems to relieve my feelings , which I haven’t shown anyone..Afterwards I look back and think what a black hole I live in, but later they are a marker for how low I got before I managed to see a little light on the horizon.

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